Necteyn is a place to care for the beauty of the skin of the face and body with first-class cosmetics. Devices for cleaning, rejuvenating, hair removal and solving common facial skin problems at home.


In the collections (arranged in the menu above) you will find professional and effective cosmetic devices for face and body, helping with various skin problems and restoring the beauty of the skin. Suitable for all skin types. You can combine cosmetics for your beauty studio. Collections: eye, face, hair removal, styling tools.


Cosmetic electrical appliances in Necteyn can replace expensive facial and body treatments (cleansing, rejuvenation, therapies, hair removal). You will be able to maintain the health and beauty of your skin professionally at home. Necteyn home appliances are reliable and efficient that will serve you for a long time. Plus additional information on their use, for best results.

Necteyn can be the most enjoyable routine for you, through which you can effectively take care of your skin and notice wonderful results with your beauty. Through technologies used, such as: RF Frequency, LED Light, Microcurrent, Ultrasonic, IPL Laser and Vacuum. Here you can take advantage of personal care in case of questions - by email.