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New Blackhead Remover Pump.

New Blackhead Remover Pump.

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How to remove blackheads from the face easily?

Remove blackheads from the skin of your face and clean the pores of dirt and grease in an easy and safe way completely naturally without complicated procedures at home.

1. Effectively Improve Face Status: Extract the Blackhead, Reduce the Cutin, Improve Acne, Fade Fine Line, Lift, and Firm Face.

2.Powerful Suction: 3 Adjustable Steps helps you purify pores, Suck the Blackhead and dirt effectively, Lift and Firm Skin, Obviously Remove Wrinkles, Take Away Dead Skin to Show Tender Smooth Skin, Blue Light Technology to Shrink Pores.

3.Various Beauty Effects: 5 Beauty Suckers can be used by different skin. Physically vacuum suction will not hurt your skin.

4.Adopt Ergonomic Design: Comfortable Holding and Using ABS Environmental Material

5.Large-Capacity Battery: Ultra-Long-Endurance Using Time. USB Port is easy to recharge it.


Product Dimension: 201*30mm

Product Weight: 129g (170g count accessories in)

Package Dimension: 190*136*58mm

Gross Weight: 370g (count package in)

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