Waterproof Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber!

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Facial skin...

Our facial skin is exposed every day to various dangers and influences that are especially harmful. We need to take care of our facial skin in a natural way and keep it clean.

What happens when we have acne? Ooo horror, once again I have to sit at home until my skin calms down and the pimples disappear!

What do the blackheads on the skin of the face show, this lady doesn't take care of her face, she looks bad, and the face and the whole thing are blackheads. It's a terrible feeling, isn't it?

And when wrinkles appear, then we really feel very bad and our dignity falls below zero and we are always afraid to say our age or it just shows.

Our facial skin is the first impression we make in front of the world around us, our friends, our family and our loved ones.

You don't have to spend money on expensive and complicated procedures, medications and doctors to make your facial skin look good.

Now there is such an easy, safe and fast way to look good, beautiful and happy!

Waterproof Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber!

Effective for different skin troubles. Clean your face skin of blackheads, remove wrinkles, massage, refresh and more... and your skin to look perfect! Easy, efficient, innovative and safe. Spa for face skin! -

Product name: Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber
Function: Ultrasonic, Hot Compress, lon+, lon-, EMS
Hot compress: About 45°C Waterprooof level: IPX5
Size: 170X 43 X 16mm Weight: About 88g
Materials: ABS, stainess steel
Battery Capacity: 500 mAh Automatic Shutdown Time: 5 Min
Ultrasonic Frequency: 24K/S Charging Time: appr. 2.5 hours



Skin Scrubber*1
Charging Cable*1
User Manual *1
Storage bag *1


Deep face cleansing, derivation of positive ions, thoroughly cleaning out the dirt inside the deep level of the skin


45°C Hot compress open skin pores, promotes blood circulation, makes a spa for the skin

Toothbrush product


Negative ions promote the absorption of skincare nutrition essence, makes the skin full of vitality


EMS micro-current stimulates collagen production, restores skin elasticity, and makes the skin smoother



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