Ultrasonic vibration in the Scrubber.


Ultrasonic vibration is a technology capable of breaking down even the most stubborn dirt. It is used for cleaning even in industrial plants, when it is necessary to clean very fine details in depth.

For example in car parts and more precisely the detail Nozzle (nozzles). They use an ultrasonic bath in which these nozzles are immersed to break down and remove any deposits and dirt inside them and to allow the nozzles to disperse more finely and correctly the fuel entering the engine.

This ultrasonic vibration technology is now built into our so-called in skin Scrubbers. Scrubbers are devices for strengthening the skin and enhancing its beauty. Completely painless and effective for various skin problems. Blackheads, dead skin, pimples, blemishes, excess oil. You can look at each feature of the scrubber and choose the one that will be useful to you.

Ultrasonic vibration in a facial scrubber.

The ultrasonic vibrations embedded in the skin scrubbers achieve and maintain up to 24,000 ultrasonic vibrations per second. This allows the extraction of any impurities, dirt and deposits above and below the skin, which we mentioned above, thus allowing for deep cleansing of the skin and removal of dirt using a visible metal spatula (This is a SONIC mode when using the scrubber or can be seen as CLEAN on different models).

Also, deep cleansing of the skin by ultrasonic vibrations can be expressed as exfoliation, and exfoliation of facial skin with our scrubbers can replace any known folk remedy, and you can use the scrubber with built-in ultrasonic vibration professionally at home.

Ultrasonic vibrations are embedded in one device (Scrubber), which also causes the face cream you use to be pushed quite deep under the surface of the skin, so the nourishment becomes much more beneficial for the skin and the nutrients stay in the skin for a longer time. (This is ION+ mode when using the scrubber).

The same ultrasonic vibrations in the scrubber are also used to massage the skin, thus applying a lifting effect, which in turn tightens and stretches the facial skin (This is the ION- mode - when using the scrubber).

In addition to the functions of the scrubber, we will mention (EMS) micro current, which sends a slight electrical impulse to the muscles of the facial skin to help tone and tighten the skin. This is solvable EMS in some of our scrubbers or combined modes that look like MASSAGE or LIFT.

So many technologies individually or combined in just one device replace dozens of beauty treatments and give your skin health and a fresh and beautiful look. The scrubber can be used every day on a certain function and once or twice a week for another function - once or twice a week for deep cleansing (exfoliation).

Maybe every self-respecting lady should have a Scrubber in her routine skin care, because it is an indispensable helper for beauty.

Scrubbers are also applicable for men. Men can also benefit from cleansing their facial skin and look really attractive.

The use of Ultrasonic Vibration to clean and maintain facial skin is beneficial for any skin type, soft or rough, and the pressure can be used to determine how much pressure your skin would absorb so that you do not feel discomfort.

One of the important rules when using the scrubber is that the skin is constantly moisturized and highly hydrated so that the ultrasonic technology for cleansing the face can be fully used, and that you do not feel discomfort during use from excessive pressure on dry and rough skin. .

You can browse our professional Ultrasonic Facial Scrubbers and choose the most suitable for your needs.

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