A new generation smart neck massager.

Today you will find out about something that will be very useful if you have neck pain and fatigue. But before that:

Nowadays, many of us are overwhelmed with daily tasks, such as housework, a lot of work at work, even some can lie down more, not to mention training. All these things lead to an incredible load on the body and from there we get a lot of cramps, muscle cramps and chronic muscle fatigue.

How often do we want these pains from our body and neck to simply disappear, or to find someone to massage us so uniquely, even to put his fingers in our body, that we are reborn from pleasure and relief. Or to have some unique neck or body massager to take with you everywhere and use it at any time.

This is the best dream, isn't it?

When we talk about body fatigue, the most vulnerable and most often traumatized part is our neck. Our neck absorbs all the negative energy during our daily tasks and from there we feel discomfort, stiffness, shrinkage, pain in the lower part of the neck - the trapezius, a little in the shoulders and shoulders. From there we have headaches, nervousness and fatigue. This is one of the reasons we do not feel good during fatigue.

How nice it would be to go home after a long day of work, tired, stiff with neck pain and have some magical hands to catch us and rub us so that we feel really rested and refreshed and not have a load in neck and neck area.

Fortunately, there is such a magical hand that works wonders. It is called: neck massager, which will help you with pain and stiffness in the neck.

Smart neck massager.

The Necteyn neck massager is one of the best ways to massage the neck and restore the vitality of the neck muscles, soothe and get rid of pain and stiffness in the neck area.

This neck massager is equipped with technologies that effectively deal with neck pain:

  • Ultrasonic. The ultrasonic vibrations are gentle and penetrate deeply into the muscle tissue and actually rub not your skin, but the muscle itself from below.
  • Microcurrent. Yes, it is equipped with microcurrent impulses that reach the blood vessels of the muscles and favorably restore normal blood circulation.
  • Heat. The neck massager produces heat up to 42 degrees, which in turn warms and soothes the stiff and tired neck area and relieves pain and stiffness.
  • Ease. The neck massager is so light (about 160 g), and so compact that in practice you can wear it wherever you are: at home while doing something, at work, while working, on the go. You can simply massage your neck with the massager everywhere and relax constantly.

Each of these functions has a level of regulation and each can be used individually according to the preferences you want. Be it a real massage or relaxation.

The traditional massage, unlike our neck massager, cannot achieve the desired result you want and after this massage you get a muscle fever, although for a moment you feel relief. The neck massager, which you will see below, does not cause muscle fever. With its implemented technologies, the massager effectively acts on the affected parts of the neck.

The compact neck massager in Necteyn is suitable for both men and women. Its U-shape and unique Greekness allow it to be placed on a thinner and thicker neck.

Let's see in more detail this unique neck massager.

Neck massager.

The neck massager removes cramps and fatigue during quite frequent activities, work, at home, old age.

New massage fashion in neck massages.Neck massager functions.Combining microcurrent technologies in the neck massager.Micro Current pulses work more effectively to relieve neck.2 door heating modes.Temperature range for heating the massager.16 levels of microcurrent in the massager for each preference.Levels of microcurrent regulation in the neck massager.U-shaped design that fits perfectly on any neck - thick and thin.The neck massager has a timer for automatic elimination after 15 minutes of inactivity.The neck massager is very light, like a cell phone.Summary of the details of the massager.Easy and simple control of the neck massager with one button joystick.


Definitely this neck massager would be the best and most useful for your neck, so you can get rid of fatigue and stiffness, relax and soothe your life in practice.



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