Warranty of Products in Necteyn

Warranty of Products in Necteyn.


Our technological products for facial skin care, hair removal for the whole body and each of our health and beauty products offered in Necteyn, with the main brand Anlan, has a ONE YEAR WARRANTY!

Our products are time-tested for quality and professionalism. But as with any physical product, problems can occur with us, even though they are minimized through precise execution.

What is important in this warranty and how are the products handled during this warranty?

Take a few photos and a short video after you encounter a problem with the product and our engineer will show a solution within 24 hours after receiving detailed information.

It is usually not necessary to return the product to our factory if our engineer can understand the problem through the photos and videos provided.

Otherwise, return the defective device (not caused by human damage - dropped, intentionally broken, etc.) to our factory for re-inspection and if we find that this device is damaged due to our work and technology, we will replace it free of charge with a new one, if the device is under warranty and the original device cannot be repaired.


  1. Send us detailed photos and shoot a video about the problem you encounter by email necteyn@gmail.com. Attach to this information a bank statement for the payment of the product when you bought it and a document from the courier package upon receipt.
  2. We will review the information and if it matches the warranty period we will move the information to the engineering team to review and identify the problem.
  3. If the problem is easy to solve, we will share with you the steps to take on your device.
  4. If the problem cannot be solved remotely, you will receive instructions for returning the product to our factory for inspection and repair, then we will return it to you in reverse order - free of charge.
  5. If the product is not repairable, you will receive a brand new one with free delivery to your address, which we may request if we do not find a match with our data from your order back in time. In any case, we will ask for confirmation of your address.

The term for implementation of item 4 and item 5 may take up to 30 working days.

Have a nice time in the online beauty store Necteyn. We will be happy to be a part of your beauty! necteyn.com