Skin Care Time in Necteyn Beauty Store! Necteyn Store

Skin Care Time in Necteyn Beauty Store!

Now you can enjoy a technology called - LED Light Therapy, Micro Current Therapy (EMS), Massage Therapy, Vibration Therapy. All this fully accessible, compact and most importantly, at home.

There is now an easy way to deal with blackheads on the face and nose. Eliminate acne. Deep cleansing of skin pores. Fight and remove wrinkles on the face and eyes. Unique face and eye massage.

Translating facial skin into a beautiful form in every possible way without medical intervention and expensive procedures and therapies. Hair care for the whole body. Eyebrow shaping, hair removal all over the body.

All this is now possible with the wonderful and compact technological assistants for the care of every skin type and the return of the beauty of every woman.

Complete range of skin care for women!

Skin care includes:

- cleaning the skin of the face (nose) from blackheads;

- opening and cleaning the pores;

- fight and eliminate acne;

- fight and remove wrinkles;

- facial massage;

- eye massage;

- body massage;

Hair care includes:

- hair removal all over the body;

- care and removal of eyebrow hair;

Eyelash and hair styling!

Innovative skin care and health accessories that you can use at home.

A variety of innovative products await you at the Necteyn Store - Start

Skin Care Time in for You Beauty!

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