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Vacuum Blackhead Remover.

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☰ Description

Vacuum Blackhead Remover pump!

Vacuum Blackhead Remover. For strong suction, remove blackheads or whiteheads, grease, cosmetic residue, etc. Mainly used in your T-zone area except around the eyes.

3 replacement suction probes

Big size circular probe:

For strong suction, remove blackheads or whiteheads, grease, cosmetic residue, etc, and mainly used in your T-zone area or other face areas except around the eyes.

Small hole probe: The suction is less suction compared to big hole head, more suitable for sensitive, thin skin, blackhead less skin.

Oval probe: To lessen your wrinkle and smooth you're fine lines on the corner of eyes and improve the skin vitality.

Timing function:

3 types of time, which can protect your skin from damage.

5min Timing: for sensitive skin

10min Timing: when the blackheads not obvious

20min Timing: stubborn blackheads 

How to use it?

1. Clean your face, use the blackhead educe liquid or facial steamer to open the pore.

2. Insert the isolation pads into the slot at the top of the cleaner, select the proper probe, and install on the nozzle.

3. Short press the control button to open. The default is the Soft level.

4. Short press the control button in turns to choose the level. Test the suction with your forearm before use.

5. Hold the probe close to your face to remove blackheads, slowly move. Do not stay in one place for too long to avoid injury, and do not press it hardly or pull vertically.

6. After clean, short press to shut down the system.

7. Remove the probe, wipe the dirt off with cotton swab, and wash it clean, then dry with a towel or naturally. Please avoid to wash or immerse the body in water.

8. After clean, use skin care products like a facial mask, cream, etc.