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Unique Ultrasonic Heated Skin Scrubber.

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Ultrasonic vibration + ion Export + water

24000 times/s ultrasonic vibration can thoroughly remove dirt from deep skin


Ultrasonic vibration + ion Import + nutrient solution

Makes cosmetic ingredients such as vitamins and masks penetrate into the stratum corneum, which is out of reach of the hands.


Ultrasound + EMS Micro Current + Skin Care Water

Through ultrasonic vibration and appropriate weak current stimulation, the skin can be activated, swelling, wrinkles, and lifting can be improved, so as to achieve the purpose of refreshing the skin.


STEP1: Wash your face with water, keep your face wet, then turn on the device to "CLEANSING" mode and gently clean your face about 2-3 minutes. Add water to your face during this treatment to keep it humid.

STEP2: Dry your face and apply your normal face moisturizers. Switch the device to " MOISTURIZING" mode and use the SPATULA to leading-in nutrition quickly, improve skin absorption capacity

STEP3: “LIFTING" mode sends pulsations into the muscle actively lifting the face. Reduce your wrinkle and fine lines, leave your skin looking youthful.


The warm compress function can be used together with all modes. Warm compress with the "CLEANSING" mode to open pores and loosen dirt.

Warm compress with " MOISTURIZING" mode to promote blood circulation and the absorption and utilization of nutrients.