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Ultrasonic Blackhead Skin Scrubber.

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Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber for Deep Cleaning.

This ultrasonic skin scrubber have 30000 Times Sonic Vibration Per Second, the water is atomized instantaneously, so that the dirt and aging keratin of the pores become small particles and effectively fall off.

1. Keep your face moist after washing your face

2. Keep the product and skin at an angle of 30°

3. Sliding slowly on the skin


Tapping Massage+ Negative Ion Introduction+ EMS wrinkle By ultrasonic vibration, and micro-current stimulation, activate the skin, improve edema, and eliminate wrinkles.

Operate Method with ultrasonic skin scrubber - spatula.

STEP1: Clean facial skin by using a facial cleanser

STEP2: Use a hot steamer or towel on the face about 5min to open pores

STEP3: Choose the proper level and close to your face to remove blackheads slowly move the scrubber.

STEP4: After cleaning, use skin care products like a facial mask, cream for maximum effect.

Ultrasonic Vibration Technology.

Atomization: atomizing the aqueous medium into blisters

Burst: the vibration continues to burst the tiny bubbles

Attack: rush into the pores to attack deep dirt and crack them into small particles

Detachment: small particles detach from the skin surface