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Remove blackheads.

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Remove blackheads and refresh the skin in minutes with hot compress.

Innovative suction device for suction and cleaning of blackheads from the skin. Easy and fast, beautiful skin in minutes. Open the pores with a hot compress!

Use Method:

1. Clean your face and keep it dry.

2. Put the silicone cover on the nose, press the hot button to open your pores with a hot compress. (5 minutes)

* Do not use the hot mode and suction mode at the same time.

* For the first time, try to use the lower level to test because of different skin types. Short and fast shots and repel blackheads horizontally(Better using blackhead export liquid).

3. Press the power/mode button briefly to adjust the suction level. Apply the suction device to the skin and slide it sideways to pull out blackhead from the pores.

* Please set it to low-level Oily mode when using for the first time. Adjust the level after you get used to the low level.

* Please do not stay in one place for more than 3 seconds. There is a possibility of becoming red.

4. After pulling out the pores, clean the face, and remove the suction head.

* Do not wash the body of the suction device with water.

5. After cleaning, use skin care products like a facial mask, cream for maximum effect. (remember to use an ice towel or cold water to minimize the pores and reduce the irritation)