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Mini Eyebrow Shaver.

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How to remove and shape the hair on my eyebrows without pain?

Stop the pain of shaping eyebrows with tweezers. Now there is a sexy cute mini shaver to remove eyebrow hair you will no longer feel pain every time!

When it comes time to shape the eyebrows, it is always necessary to use eyebrow tweezers and feel pain, redness and irritation of the skin when removing hair from the eyebrows.

No more pain!

With our cute "mini shaver for removing eyebrow hair" or delicate areas on the body if you wish, you will no longer feel pain because the mini shaver protects your delicate skin while shaping your beautiful eyebrows.


1. The cutter head can rotate 30° angle, wax off all the unwanted hair on your body.

2. Two types of blades, wide blade for full body and compact blade for detailed parts. Perfect Your Eyebrow Shaping Experience.

3. R-Type blade, special design to protect hair follicles and your delicate skin, leaves a 0.2 mm hair root.

4. Intelligent high speed rotates, quickly shave off excess hair.

5. Portable size, easy to carry and use. Powered by 1 x AAA battery(not included)