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Home RF and EMS facial body lifting device.

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☰ Description


①Use 6 minutes a day to remove facial fine lines

②Multiple functions:
--RF radio frequency lifting and tightening, diminishing facial wrinkles;
--LED light therapy skin care and beauty;
--EMS micro-current repair, in-depth nutrition introduction; brightening

③ 28 days to improve the skin condition, make the body look new.

④LED light therapy skin care:
--Red light + RF radio frequency: accelerate the cycle, rejuvenate skin and reduce wrinkles

--Blue light + RF radio frequency: clear acne and clean skin, balance water and oil

--Yellow light + RF radio frequency: relieve discomfort, brighten skin tone

⑤Three gears: gear 1 is suitable for sensitive skin; gear 2 is suitable for normal skin; gear 3 is suitable for tolerant skin

⑥ Innovative ironing material type head, enlarge the area to repair the skin, Also suitable for body skin lifting,save time

Package list:

1×RF Beauty Instrument
1×USB Charging Cable
1×Instruction Manual


Name: RF Beauty Instrument
Model: LM-1991
Material: ABS, PC, Stainless
Light : Red / Blue / Yellow
Level: 3 Level Intensity
Rated Voltage: 3.7V 7.4W
Power Supply: 5V
Battery Capacity: 1000mAh
Device Size: Appr. 172 x 48 x 58mm
Base Size: Appr. 101 x 64 x 55mm
Weight: Appr. 246g