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Electric Eyebrow Trimmer.

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Mini trimmer for removing eyebrow hair and styling for women.

Sexy mini trimmer for eyebrow hair removal and styling. Stop using tweezers to pluck eyebrows, swellings and pimples. Enjoy your beauty without pain.

Do you want to not experience pain during eyebrow hair removal? More swelling, redness and pimples on the eyebrows? Yes, this is a big problem for any woman who likes to maintain her beauty and make her eyebrows look perfectly shaped.

Stop the problems with plucking the eyebrows with tweezers.

There is now a mini eyebrow trimmer that protects your delicate skin and keeps your skin clean and smooth without inflammation. Trimmer, lipstick size...


Lipstick design, portable size.

Safety, practical, and delicate portable.

Portable size, easy to carry and use.

Gentle enough to use every day gives you superior performance in epilation,

Providing you with perfect and long-lasting smoothness.

Compact and lightweight design allows for easy portability.

Fit for all females who are beauty seekers.

Power: by 1 x AA battery(not included)

How to use:

1: Remove the cap, put in a 1 AAA battery.

2: Press the button, the LED light up.

3: Move the eyebrow remover in the small and circular motions to remove those unwanted hairs.