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Anti Aging Eye Massager.

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Electric massager to combat eye dark circles for women.

How to take care of our tired eyes and remove dark circles? We all have a problem with tired eyes. They cause swelling, dark circles and brownish swelling of the eyes (so-called bags) - then come the wrinkles on the eyes. This is due to daily fatigue in front of the computer in the office or at home, long driving or old age. This creates low self-esteem and we are afraid to go out or communicate with our friends and colleagues. Don't worry, there is a solution...

How to deal with wrinkles on the eyes? There is an easy way to do this with an electric eye massager with light therapy.

Mode 1: Massage wave vibration + heat treatment + red light therapy

* Triple-effect treatment, whitening, and rejuvenation, improving eye contour elasticity.

* Calm the eyes with 10000 high-frequency sound wave vibration per minute, giving you a comfortable massage feeling, detoxifying collagen regeneration.

Mode 2: Heat treatment + red light therapy

* Heat treatment is around 37-45 ℃, detoxify the blood, reduce eye fatigue.

* Relieve dark circles and bags under eyes, smooth the fine eye wrinkles, tighten the corner of the eye.

Mode 3: Massage with sound wave vibration + heat treatment

* High-frequency sound wave vibration and 37-45 degree heat treatment, rebuild your skin collagen, tighten your pores, relieve bags under your eyes, smooth the fine eye wrinkles, activate lifeless skin, accelerate the absorption of nutrients temperature control Temperature rule consists of 9 Grade.


Temperature: 37-45 degrees

Celsius Vibration frequency: 10,000 times per second