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Blackhead Acne Skin Scrubber Spatula.

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Ultrasonic skin scrubber - Vibration Technology:

1.Atomization: Atomizing the aqueous medium into blisters.

2.Burst: The Vibration continues to burst the tiny bubbles.

3.Attack: Rush into the pores the attack deep dirt and crack them into small particles.

4.Detachment: Small particles detach from the skin surface.

5.Tip: Keep your face moist when you use it.


1. Deep cleaning, smooth face and arouse active of skin

2. Remove dead skin cells and dirt

3. Improve nutrient absorption

Lifting the skin:

EMS microcurrent, stimulate collagen regeneration, lift the sagging facial muscles, remove wrinkles, and tighten the contours.

Pat massaging:

Using a way of the simulated human hand, patting and pressing to soothe the skin and make the skin smoother and more delicate


1. Choose the “ultrasonic mode” to daily clean your face with facial cleaner about 2-3 minutes, and keep wet during use.

2. Apply toner on your face and choose the “ion+ mode” to deep clean, gently move the spatula to remove the blackheads, acne, and dirt.

3. Apply moisturizer on your face and choose the “ion- mode” to push the nutrients deeper into your skin.

4. Choose “Massage + EMS mode” to soothe the skin, lift the lines, and firm the skin.